Missouri gets an glowing “F” on Sunshine compliance

Jean Maneke, the Missouri Press Association’s legal counsel, writes in the December issue of Missouri Press News that the state fails miserably when it comes to appealing denials of sunshine requests. That should come as no surprise to anyone who has tried to appeal a a denial. The failing grade comes from a survey of all states and is available http://nfoic.org/newsw/bag/overview.html.

Not only does the survey indicate that there’s no alternative than a clogged court system available to the public, but that if and when an appeal is ever successful, the penalty is simply a civil one.

“That’s a sad commentary on the status of our state’s open meetings law, ins’t it?” she opines. Sad indeed.

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13 Comments on “Missouri gets an glowing “F” on Sunshine compliance”

  1. Sick of it Says:

    You might ask Bill Barnett what he spent on the roads in the western side of the county last year. He also went OVER HIS BUDGET in 2006 and paid for these expenses out of 2007 funds. Check it out…. and stop pointing fingers!

    Bill Barnett did the exact same thing, but you point your finger and shake it at Tom Huff when he happened to go over his budget due to the the ice storm, floods, and higher fuel prices.

  2. Truth teller Says:

    Talk about a glowing “F”!

    Karen Matthews (county treasurer) signed a document to give herself a raise and then was quoted saying she did not know what she was signing. Why would the county treasurer of all people sign something that she did not understand? Is that good business? Ms. Matthews gets a glowing “F” if you ask me.

    Heads up….Ms. Matthews is running to county treasurer this summer.

  3. turkey Says:

    For your information, the Eastern half of the county had very little ice storm damage compared to the West. In addition, most of the cost was reimbursed by FEMA & SEMA. All of the county experienced the “floods” & the cost of fuel. Tom Huff went way over & Bill Barnett did not. Facts, not bull.

  4. Is that right? Says:

    The eastern part of Christian County (Ozark, etc) had A LOT OF ICE STORM DAMAGE. Obviously you are clueless. I know. I live there!

    According to my source that works in the courthouse…. Bill Barnett did pay some of his bills after the first of the year. If he had so much in reserve, why didn’t he just pay them in 2006. I doubt you are getting the facts. Now he is bragging about having so much in his account that he has built up. Know why? IT IS AN ELECTION YEAR TURKEY!!!

    It appears obvious that Mr. Barnett is working closely with the county clerk’s office in hiding what he is being billed and when they pay them. Why else does he spend so much time on the second floor of the courthouse?????? His office is on the first floor.

    I smell a rat. According to my friend that works in the courthouse, Ernie O’Gaffney is in the courthouse all of the time in the treasurer’s office behind closed doors.

  5. Listener Says:

    I heard that the individual from Clever (Ernest O’Gafrrey) was threatening to ask for an audit of Christian County. Why would he want to cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars and time for such? It’s doesn’t make sense to me. I am sure the Christian County is audited just like all other counties are on a regular basis and that is good enough for me. They also have an elected auditor that is the watchdog of the money. I think this individual from Clever needs to get a life (somewhere besides CC).

    I read on casenet that he is suing everyone he comes in contact with. He has lawsuits Christian County, in Stone County, and he is even suing the individuals he bought his home from.

  6. Common Sense Citizen Says:

    It appears to me that if each elected official would do the job THEY were elected to do, there would not be all of this ridiculous controversey in the CC courthouse.

    Please practice some common sense and stop this harrassment of the county auditor and county commission. They are doing the right thing.

  7. Sick of it Says:

    The county treasurer gets a GLOWING F. She has failed us taxpayers.

  8. In agreement Says:

    Our treasurer needs to go…..

  9. Luke Duke Says:

    I began to write a reply to the comments but I just could not get out of my mind that Matthews signed off but did not know what she was signing. What else has been signed off on with her knowing what it was.

  10. Mary T. Says:

    Did anyone see the correction in this weeks paper about Jeremy Tennison? Yep, yep, yep.. it’s there… right there in plain sight. PAGE 16! ….., far bottom right corner. RIGHT THERE IN PLAIN SIGHT………………………………………….

    That is what I call professional journalism.

  11. turkey Says:

    I guess I shouldn’t use big words like “compared” with you Mr. Is That Right?

  12. gadflly Says:

    All of a sudden it is awful quite out there…..

    Is it the fact that you have to identify yourself? Or is it the rats jumping ship???
    Or are to ashamed to show your email? or is it just cowardace?

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